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Just Breathe

Just Breathe

If you are seeking a stone for anxiety, this one’s for you. Amethyst is known as a ‘natural tranquilizer’ meaning that it has a calming effect to stabilize mood swings and protect you against those low vibrational days and the negative energy of others. Amethyst also deepens your intuition and enhances psychic abilities. If you are prone to mood swings and irritability, look no further. Being paired with Lava Stone gives this bracelet a grounding effect to help you remain present and not obsessing over the past and future. An added benefit of the lava stone is that  you can add your fave essential oils to them for an extra boost of relaxation.

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  • Sizing

     Using a tape measure or a piece of string, wrap the material around your wrist and make a mark where it meets to form a complete circle. Take note of the measurement if using a measuring tape. If not, straighten the material and lay it out flat against a hard surface using a ruler to measure its length. Adding half an inch (0.5) to that number will give you your bracelet size.

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