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Made for Mama

Made for Mama

If you are seeking a stone to help you along your pregnancy journey, this stone is for you. 


Unakite is widely used to enhance fertility and help promote a healthy pregnancy and labor. It is a wonderful stone for harmonizing and balancing the reproductive system and is often given to women to aid them in a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Wear unakite during childbirth to keep calm and centered in your heart.


Filled to the brim with feminine energy and deep intuition, Moonstone enhances fertility, balances hormones, and helps to keep your pregnancy gentle and easy. Moonstone is forever connected to our cycles and can bring your whole body and being back into balance. It is known to enhance conceiving naturally.


As a heart chakra stone, Rose Quartz gets you primed for the ultimate dose of love. This stone is a gentle healer and can help the body, mind, and soul relax. It pulses with so much love that it can easily ensure that you and your baby forge an intimate bond.


Green Aventurine is a very good protective stone during pregnancy. It helps you to strengthen your body's connection to  Mother Earth. This stone can stabilize our emotions and increase happiness. It discourages miscarriage. 


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  • Sizing

     Using a tape measure or a piece of string, wrap the material around your wrist and make a mark where it meets to form a complete circle. Take note of the measurement if using a measuring tape. If not, straighten the material and lay it out flat against a hard surface using a ruler to measure its length. Adding half an inch (0.5) to that number will give you your bracelet size.

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